Just gonna stand there and watch me burn – well that’s alright because I like the way it hurts

Eminem has outdone himself on his new album, Recovery. Relapse was useless – no denying it. What we have here is “Love The Way You Lie” featuring Rihanna – one of 4 collaborations present on the album (the others being with Lil Wayne, Pink & Cobe). The track is decent and I know it’ll be a hit for him if he decides to release it. It’s nice to see Eminem working with some other people; times are changing and I think it’s a good decision for his career.

UPDATED with the Official Music Video August 6th.

UPDATED with “Love The Way You Lie (Part 2)” November 3rd. See below:

73 Responses to “Just gonna stand there and watch me burn – well that’s alright because I like the way it hurts”

  1. If she likes the way it hurts then why did she leave Chris Brown when he abused her?

    • Pinkster Says:

      Its a song jerk worm! Leave Rhianna alone!

    • well that must have hurt her alot ! dont you knowb how much it herts !!!

    • because she was in love with him. it didnt matter that he hurt her at the time, because she was in love with him. its extremely hard to get out of those kinds of relationships.

      • But you it is going to happen to you until does because it did happen to me every one thinks it is a joke but it is not .
        i finally got out of that relationship because it is not worth it .
        take my advice.

      • thats soo true, been there done that!
        it’s hard to leave someone you really care about alone..
        no matter what they do to you.
        i guess you just have to get enough before you realize it won’t stop!
        and she may have done something to make him mad but no one deserves that!!

      • oh and also i was told while listening to this song by the same person that they would not even piss on me!
        ahaha, wow, that hurt but guesss what?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Because he hit her. She likes to be burned.

  2. rihanna Says:

    Stupid ass joe.
    its a song you loser.

  3. this song is about abuse but staying with ur partner

  4. haha you dumb fuckers

  5. LOVE eminem he’s been dope since I was in grade school <3

  6. Pinkster: Jerk worm? what are you 12?

    Rihanna: “It’s a song you loser” Well you see the thing about songs, is that people write based off from prior events, either personal events, or others events. So you saying that “It’s a song herp derp” basically just states the obviousness of Joe’s claim. Or that Rihanna has no lyrical or musical talent, and writes shallow empty songs that seem to somehow guide the empty minded party high school drones that seem to make up the majority of our generation. Intellect lacking fucks who sadly will one day be in charge of other people.

    Stupid: Your name suits you well, seeing as you have stated that this song is about abuse and staying with your partner, as if that justifies marital abuse in any manner. If you seem it fitting in a relationship to allow abuse of your self or others, congratulations. you will never succeed in anything.

  7. omg luv this song babb

  8. hahahahah you tell them Thrice! If any of you who commented are confused about this song, or just stupid (like “stupid”), listen to Thrice because he/she is the only one who makes any sense

  9. i don’t get why everyone is criticizing this song so much…not just on here, but other places as well. it’s a perfectly fine song! bad situations like the one expressed in the song happen. so, if songs are supposed to be about life and experiences, then why would it be wrong to write about something like this? there is no wrong subject to write a song about. songwriting is about self expression. also, it does not justify abuse at all… why would rihanna (who of course, was abused herself) condone abuse like that? anyway i just think that both of them know what it feels like to be in a love/hate abusive kind of relationship and they wanted to share their past in a song…

    and i don’t think that the woman in the song likes the way she is treated. the chorus sounds sad and sarcastic to me… like she knows how her man is, and that he’s fine with watching her be in pain, but hopes that he’ll change and maybe he will stop lying. those are my thoughts :))

  10. ummm rihanna doesn’t sing this song. the chorus is hayley williams, the main singer from the band paramore.

    • conradjulian Says:

      Hayley Williams sings on B.o.B’s “Airplanes” and there is a version featuring Eminem too.

      This track, “Love The Way You Lie”, is definitely Eminem Ft Rihanna.

  11. Carl Block Says:

    Poor Rihanna tha dumb dope Chris Brown beeting the CRAP out of Rihanna. That Dumb F@#k. He sucks crap. I hope he gets his pay back. God will punish him!

  12. Carl Block Says:

    Chris Brown God will PUNISH you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Carl Block Says:

    You suck Chris Brown!

  14. Carl Block Says:

    Rihana did nothing to deserve this.

  15. Carl Block Says:

    NOW SHE WRIGHTS A SONG ABOUT ABUSE GOOD FOR YOU RIHANNA GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Shitinmybawt Says:

    Dude im taking a dump right now o_O

  17. thank you I just like this song so much

  18. hey whats up omg rihanna i love ur song i cabt stop singing it in my head i love it so much i love u and all of ur songs

  19. Aiiii, that guy is scary.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    i could totally swear that the girl in this vid is megan fox and the dude is an actor i’ve seen in some movie before to…omg…awesome vid…i typically don’t like stuff by eminem but i luv this song!!!!!

    • crazyninja247 Says:

      yea. the guy is dominic mohagen who played chris bradley a.k.a bolt in the movie x-men origins wolverine. and the girl is defintly megan fox. i would recognize her anywhere.

  21. I am thankful to eminen and Rhianna for this song and video. My son and his girlfriend were in a relationship that was starting to get abusive on both sides. My son heard this song and told me it was like listening to his life with this girl. He knows now that he needs help and has broken up with his girlfriend. Thank you so much for having the courage to show the world that there are bad things going on. We all need our eyes opened sometimes, in this case it saved my son and his girlfriend from torturing each other further.

    A Grateful Mom

  22. agreeing with thrice, lol

  23. i love this song :)

  24. I don’t care who you are. If you stoop to the level of hitting a lady, your a worthless scumbag who needs an ass kicking.

  25. harleyooo is my name

  26. Analyssia Says:

    wow megan fox is in this video? First the girl gets mad at the guy and they start fighting and stuff,AND THEN THEY START KISSING???!!! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? That is kinda….no actually it is stupid.BUT I still love the song!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      that’s what happens in those kinds of relationships.. Hit, honeymoon, hit again…. You should watch Enough… Its pretty close to the real deal on most of it

  27. chris brown Says:

    I think people just don’t understand WHY I hit her. The dumb bitch would not make me a god damn sammich and I was not going to have it. So I hit her. A lot.

    If more men would have the courage to stand up to abusive women that just won’t make that god damn sammich or just do the god damn laundry the world would be a better place.

    Chris out.

  28. if she love the way it hurts then she must come to my house she will see what hurt.(i mean sex) xD xD

  29. Wateva ppl u kno u dnt hav any rite too b sayin this stuff so just shut ur mouth

  30. And how mature was tht comment luverboy ( yea I was born in the city of sarcasam deal with tht ) Xp. I’m just playin

  31. Anonymous Says:

    It’s quite obvious to me that anyone who writes on here about how dumb Rihanna is, and why did she stay with Chris if he abused her and she liked it that those people have never been in a relationship like that. She doesn’t LITERALLY mean she liked it – i.e. the abuse. She means she loved him and she liked it better when he was lying – hence “I like the way you lie” because that was probably when he wasn’t being physically abusive. Relationships like that suck you in, and know matter how much the person hurts you it is still hard to let go of them. My sister was engaged to an alcoholic (obviously she didn’t know this beforehand) and their relationship went south after only 2 – 3 months – mind you, it was one of those, we’re getting engaged after only two months deals, but still. She thought she loved him, and a big part of her got left behind. But she wasn’t able to leave for 6 months after things got bad. It’s a very complicated thing to be in an abusive relationship, so unless you have been in one yourself, or been very close to someone who was (and even then, minimally) you should keep your opinion to yourself. I don’t know if Rihanna really does care about the music she puts out there or not, but I do think it was difficult for her to go through what she did.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Also, to add, when it DOES day hurts instead of lie, that’s probably in reference to the fact that if he’s hurting her, at least he’s not leaving her. Many abused women think that (and yes, you might think they are dumb for this, but that’s what happens) that is how they are being shown love. If anyone on here has seen Precious, it is based on a true story, and that is how she viewed love for a long time. Also, I would like to say, Lady Gaga did Bad Romance, and there are a lot less people who don’t understand that song and its about roughly the same thing, we just don’t have the same details on her as we do Rihanna.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    but you can only take so much

  34. Anonymous Says:

    yeah but sum ppl take it for an incredibly long time – years even

  35. a very bad music video

  36. rihana does nt deserve it u asshole!

  37. i lv yr song!lol

  38. is it weird if you like relationships like this :/ thats the only one im happy in…

  39. hey guyz dnt u think hes horrible

  40. Joe, let me punch you in the mouth and eye and see if you like the way it hurts.

  41. all ima say is LOL ON JOE COMMENT HAHAHAHAHA

  42. letterman123ful Says:

    I love it.

  43. KICK BUTTTOUSKI01234567891234567891 Says:


  44. cooooooool lol

  45. Your a dumb ass!!!! ITS A SONG!!! YOU MUST BE A WOMEN BEATER TO SAY SOMETHING SOOOO STUPID OR YOU AGREE TO IT!!! That doesnt mean thats what she is talking about and if it was im sure she would still be with the lil f$%k up! you are a real jerk if thats what you really thank. Omg why are guys so dumb about things like that i hope someone kicks your ass one good time and puts some since in your f$%*ed up head

  46. No songs have to have a meaning Rhianna is wrong to sing the song if she has been abused.


    A acurate description of the abuse.

  47. Rihanna if you are reading this its good. First of all I congratulate Emanims and Rihanna for bringing this song out i was very pleased and I remeber about lot of thing by just hearing that song. And I am giving you this advise don not listen to non of those comments. Thank you

  48. too much info. you talk alot

  49. does anyone really know what the line, “are you just going to just stand there and watch me burn?” really refers to? I can’t help but think it has more to do with apathy than celebrity. can you imagine a culture that allows its’ men to literally burn women? If not, open your eyes. And then the question is, ” is it o.k. to just stand there and watch?”

  50. megan fox…

    [...]Just gonna stand there and watch me burn – well that’s alright because I like the way it hurts « Pretty Damn Epic[...]…


  52. dam so many haters if you dont like it dont listen to it !!!

  53. i feel the same thing to about all this hating ss

  54. He did this to us ..
    Feeling the lyrics.

  55. i love it!!!!!!!!! this is it

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