Oh, oh, sometimes, I get a good feeling, yeah – I get a feeling that I never never never never had before, no no I get a good feeling, yeah

American rapper Flo Rida has been one of my guilty pleasures for many, many years and I rarely dislike any single that he puts out to radio. His most recent studio album, Only One Flo (Part 1) didn’t do as well as expected although “Club Can’t Handle Me” was one of the biggest songs of 2010. I expected Part 2 of the Only One Flo series to be out not long after Part 1 but it seems his label has decided to change the name of the new project, which is due later this year.

Only One Rida (Part 2) is preceded by this track – “Good Feeling” – which is exactly what you would expect from the 31 year old Floridian. The song has a catchy chorus and for the first time in a long time I am really loving Flo’s verses on the track. I have no doubts that this song is going straight to the Top 10 on Billboard and people are going to be enjoying it in clubs well into the early hours of the morning as we head to the closing stages of this year.

While I’m not really happy about the confusion regarding the name changes and the general way in which Atlantic is promoting his music, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to hear what his new album will bring, and I’d imagine there will be a couple of really great collaborations thrown into the mix as well

Support Flo Rida by buying Good Feeling via Amazon.com.

What do you think about the song?

Let me know in the comments section or tweet me @conradwashere.

87 Responses to “Oh, oh, sometimes, I get a good feeling, yeah – I get a feeling that I never never never never had before, no no I get a good feeling, yeah”


  2. WOWWWW!

  3. i like the remix better but this is awsome too

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I love it!Я люблю это!

  5. Not so great… He’s ruined an amazing song! Chorus is copied from Etta James’ Somethings got a hold on me. It was also only just rereleased last year by Christina Aguilera on the Burlesque soundtrack. She did the song justice but I think flo rida has bastardized it. Just trying to do what Ja Rule did with Tina Turners what’s love got to do with it. These classics need not be touched!

  6. Isen’t that song a remix?I want to know which song is remixed

  7. I prefer the version Avicii did of the original. Check out “Avicii – Levels”

  8. Anonymous Says:

    i love the song, i think more about this yes this is cool

  9. hell yeah avicii levels id

  10. ¡Oie! estaba buscando esta canción y la encontré gracias a tu página :D Me gusta mucho, gracias xD.

  11. Oh Oh, sometimes, I get a good feeling, yeah. i get a feeling that I never never never never had before. No no, I get a good feeling, YEAH ♥

  12. I love this song- I don’t know if it remixed or not but do love it. It’s one of those songs you can’t get out of your head. Awesome!

  13. oh god, the radio is a horrible, horrible thing. Avicii’s original all the way!

  14. it’s a very catchy song, i find myself singing all the time,when i’m around females

  15. Avicii’s take on this song was better in my opinion

    Avicii- Levels!!

  16. Rachel Grant Says:

    Love, Love, Love it!!!!! :) OMG great driving song.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Bad song. He just stole it from
    Avicii – Levels.

  18. Awesome song love it

  19. Anonymous Says:

    I am in love this song

  20. Anonymous Says:

    This is So Fine! I love it! Right on, Etta….and glad to meet you, Flo Rida!

  21. just heard the song for the first time tonight on the way to Dance Tribe
    I turned it and really listened
    Good stuff
    I DJ for our group sometime and want to use this in early January
    A+ all good Kick ass yeah I dig it great groove
    muy bueno!

  22. This song makes me feel so good. I ski to it.

  23. sexy and i know it is betterr

  24. Party Rock is way better

  25. Everythingisaremix Says:

    Haha this hook has been used by avicci, who got the idea from pretty lights, who used the hook by etta james, who was singing an old gospel song. Nothing is original. But regardless, flo rida sucks pretty hard.

  26. the vocal is from an old Etta James track – Something’s Got A Hold On Me – worldclass

  27. bernice s brown Says:

    Will its not like he’s the first too do this sort thing!!! Anyway!
    Flo rida… I think! You did a wonderful Job!! Well’ played…
    Its very up betting, they are just jealous…lol.

  28. Hey ! Pretty Lights also used these vocals in his song “Finally Moving”, wich is very good too…

  29. This sample was done by PRETTY LIGHTS even before Avicii! :) Check out “Finally Moving” and the James Brown Remix if you’re into electronic music

  30. Can someone please tell me who sings the lyrics “sometimes I get a good feeling” on the track…

  31. Avicii and Pretty Lights did the original song justice, Flo Rida just messed it up with a bunch of rap bits. Plain and simple.

  32. rubish!!!! i almost feel asleep

  33. vanila ice could of had a hit with that chick singing with him.

  34. etta james… its not avici`s

  35. I like your music

  36. Anonymous Says:

    good song.

  37. bitch this song makes me sick

  38. it makes me want to com even though im a boy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. that shit made me fall asleep

  40. A catchy chorus? It’s Eta James! Did you even know this? No mention of her!

  41. chezi brand Says:

    Flo-rida has talent afcors…. but he wasent that smart with this one. it’s not a good song. I love aviici and pretty lights!!!

  42. Not bad… This is the best remix, what i heard before….

    I’m from Russia, sorry about grammatical errors.

  43. Anonymous Says:


  44. Danut Luchian Says:

    Nice one :)

  45. oh oh somtime akana we we jer

  46. i like the song

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Oh sometimes i get a good feeling

  48. Flo Rida is FIIIINE!!!!! Song ain’t bad either :-)

  49. Anonymous Says:

    its super. j’adore it)

  50. bradley Says:


  51. i love this song

  52. Anonymous Says:

    love it!!!

  53. This song is amazing.

  54. What a rip off!!!!

  55. Anonymous Says:

    nul a chier cette musique

  56. Anonymous Says:

    trop pourie la misique c’est de la merde
    la loosse

  57. Anonymous Says:

    Been stuck in my head for a month. OOOOOOOOOH sometimes…

  58. Даниил Says:

    ну не плохо!

  59. Anonymous Says:

    nice song

  60. I like this song but i don´t like boy´s voice.

  61. very nice beutiful song hassan king lahore

  62. i love this song me and my brother like so much we cant stop singing it

  63. 59 yearold carpenter/surfer loves this s**t!

  64. Ke$ha copied this song in “Die Young”.

  65. I don’t care wuh alliyuh she but all I know is that I like this song and dat is dat

  66. Anonymous Says:

    good song,just sayin!

  67. Oww :)) Çok güzel

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