Girl look at that body, I work out – I’m sexy and I know it

LMFAO has undoubtedly had one of the biggest years thanks to “Party Rock Anthem” taking over the world slowly but surely over the last three or four months. I have officially had enough of that song and I must admit I’m surprised that “Champagne Showers” didn’t really pick up too much anywhere in the world. My guess is that it’s release wasn’t timed so well because it was added to mainstream radio while “Party Rock Anthem” was peaking, so it pretty much got lost and ignored between commercial radio playlists. Lucky for us we have a new single that has been sent to radio – one of my favourites from the new album called “Sexy and I Know It”. The song itself is very generic and the video is nothing to write home about but I think it’s a good choice for the next radio release from the new album and I think clubs will respond well to it.

The best track from Sorry For Party Rocking has to be “One Day” and I am really hoping that Interscope picks it as the 4th single from the album. If you haven’t taken a listen to it or the album you should really pick up your copy in stores this weekend or buy it online via iTunes because you’re likely to like a majority of the album if you’ve enjoyed any of the singles they have released. This type of music might not be everybody’s cup of tea but there is definitely a time and place for songs like this (the weekend, for example!).

What do you think about “Sexy and I Know It”?

Let me know by leaving a comment or tweeting @conradwashere.

7 Responses to “Girl look at that body, I work out – I’m sexy and I know it”


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Love this song- Wiggle wiggle wiggle… Where did they find those guys REALLY????

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Love it!

    • me and my sister and her boyfriend likes that songs we all love it i wish i can find them guys too come on my birthday and sing that song me and my step sister an her boyfriend. have fun lol haha

  4. I love sexy and i know am in love with that song. i love it me an my step siser likes it too.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    im srxy and i now it

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