All we do is pour it up all night, drinks out – and all we do is light it up all night, all you see is strange clouds

B.o.B is someone I’ve been following for a couple of years not only as successful recording artist (“Nothin’ On You”, “Airplanes”, “Magic”) but also as producer of all his own music. It’s one thing to be a singer working with a production team that is well established, but B.o.B prides himself in the production of his own music, and I see that as a really good quality for someone who would like longevity in the music industry. Strange Clouds, his second album, will be released in Spring of 2012 preceded by the newly released title track lead single which you can take a listen to above. The song features Lil’ Wayne and hits as hard as some of his previous singles when it comes to the production side of things. I think this collaboration is a really smart move for B.o.B, because he’ll be able to tap in less to the pop market like he did with the songs mentioned earlier, and he can start building a bit of an urban following in the US too.

It’s clear to me that the man has a good business head on his shoulders (or a good team around him at least) and it is so important for artists like B.o.B, who have achieved success in both the US and the UK markets, to keep pushing hard in territories where they aren’t as established yet. I’d like to see B.o.B experiment a little on the new LP and I’m sure he’s going to deliver another string of big radio hits, just like this one.

Make sure you support this song by buying it online on iTunes if you like what you hear. While it was meant to only be released tomorrow, Atlantic has pushed up the release to earlier this week given the good initial response; a decision that has paid off, considering the song sat at #1 on iTunes all through yesterday, and is currently still in the Top 5.

What do you think about “Strange Clouds”?

Let me know by dropping a comment, or tweeting @conradwashere.

4 Responses to “All we do is pour it up all night, drinks out – and all we do is light it up all night, all you see is strange clouds”

  1. This is gonna be BIG!

  2. The beat is sick! Thanks for this

  3. future #1

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