It’s 5 o’ clock in the morning, conversation got boring – you said you’d go into bed soon, so I snuck off to your bedroom

Rapper T-Pain hasn’t been disheartened by the lack of success of the first two singles from the upcoming Revolver project. While I was a fan of “Best Love Song”, I wasn’t so much a fan of “Booty Wurk”. What we have here is the third single from the album – a song called “5 O’ Clock” featuring Lily Allen (the song heavily samples her “Who’d Have Known” track) & Wiz Khalifa. The song is your standard T-Pain song, albeit not so auto-tuned as we are used to, and I must admit I like the combination of voices and personalities on this one. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a #1 single, but it definitely has potential to be a Top 20 single on Billboard Hot 100 in America. It will be nice for Lily to get some more exposure in the US market too – it feels like it’s been ages since she has released anything.

A whole bunch of collaborations have been rumoured on the upcoming 18-track edition of Revolver, but I don’t want to throw around any names until the tracklisting is officially confirmed. If this single doesn’t do much on Top 40/Mainstream radio I wouldn’t be surprised to see the album get pushed back to 2012 but I really hope this won’t be the case, because I think the time is right for T-Pain to release something new. It’s been far too long since Three Ringz (released in 2008).

Be sure to support “5 O’ Clock” by downloading the track if you like what you hear.

What do you think about “5 O’ Clock”?

Let me know by leaving a comment, or tweeting @conradwashere.

9 Responses to “It’s 5 o’ clock in the morning, conversation got boring – you said you’d go into bed soon, so I snuck off to your bedroom”

  1. ive heard better

  2. Anonymous Says:

    T-Pain needs a new sound I think, but I like the lily allen part a lot

  3. I love this song! Lily Allen is a wonderful hooker! Is she a bitch witch prostitute 2?

  4. i love this song even though i don’t have it on my ipod cause i ran out of money on itunes but still i still love it how can you not love this song if you don’t love this song u are absolutley missing out on one of the best songs even made

  5. i love love this song it is the best song ever

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The song blocks cock

  7. i love this song

  8. I love this song very much.its one of my favourite song!!

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