Give em hell, turn their heads, gonna live life till we’re dead – give me scars, give me pain, then just save me – there goes a fighter

Gym Class Heroes released their fifth studio album The Papercut Chronicles II on November 15th of last year. Singles “Stereo Hearts” & “Ass Back Home” featuring Neon Hitch have both done well on radio around the world and I’m also excited about the newest single from the project: a song called “The Fighter” featuring Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic). A mid-tempo well produced radio track, “Fighter” stands out for me in terms of all the singles released so far and has great Top 40 radio potential. Initially released as a promo single, the song is starting to generate some buzz online and I am hoping to hear confirmation soon that a music video in the works.

I find it hard to read that The Papercut Chronicles II has only sold 40 000 copies to date but these guys very unfortunately also fall under the title of “singles artist” (like with so many radio engineered artists likeFlo Rida). I’m hoping that sales will start to pick up a little in coming months and I would recommend that you buy this album if you like what you have heard from the three singles. While reviews have been mixed the featured collaborations are great and it will be worth adding this one to your collection.

Download your copy of “The Fighter” here and keep supporting great international music!

What do you think of “The Fighter”?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section or tweet @conradwashere (with #thefighter).

2 Responses to “Give em hell, turn their heads, gonna live life till we’re dead – give me scars, give me pain, then just save me – there goes a fighter”

  1. Been listening to this one for a few months I really like it

  2. here; but, keep in mind the Stone Rabbits had 2 feet of space and a douche bag bhrateing down their necks the whole time about ending their set before they were even halfway through. Those engineers didn’t give a rats ass about thier sound and they got no respect from anyone backstage .they were called the baby band . (im the singer btw, so pardon me for sounding so harsh, i just never got to vent about this shit.)

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