Introducing my new songwriting project: “Twelve”

It’s not often that I get the opportunity to share a piece of my life with the readers of my blog but as we approach three years of PDE I want to start taking you along with me on my journey of working in the music industry. I have a great passion for music and broadcasting (I’ve worked in radio for five years now) but another one of my newer passions is songwriting. For the past year I’ve been writing songs based on deeply personal experiences and I must admit that it’s never been something that I’ve wanted to share with anyone, because it’s the one thing in this world that I consider to be my own. Those songs are locked away with me personally and I don’t quite think they will see the light of day but that doesn’t mean I can’t do something which I hope to share with the world too. I do have aspirations to be a songwriter for some of the big artists out there in the world so I have initiated a new personal songwriting project titled “Twelve”, which I want to share with you today.

So what exactly is “Twelve”? A concept songwriting project which is based on the twelve most influential people and situations in my life in the last year. The transition from 23 to 24 has undoubtedly been the most interesting, exciting and challenging time in my life. I’ve met many great new people, pushed myself in a personal capacity like never before, but also felt a great deal of pain through the loss of loved ones, the end of relationships, and a couple of friendships. All in all it’s been a journey of being out in the big bad world for the first time and I’ve enjoyed figuring out just what I want to get out of the different spheres of my life.

So what is my plan? I want to write for the next year, focusing on the events of my life between June 17th 2011 and June 17th 2012. The first step for me was to outline the twelve most influential people in my life during this time and while I won’t be listing them for obvious reasons (I’ll definitely talk to them about it in a personal capacity, and I’d like to think they would know which song is aimed at them), I did take a minute to look at the list, reading each name out loud, and then writing down the first word that popped into my head. As a result I have a couple of tentative titles and concepts to work from: “Lost”, “Love”, “Best”, “Brother”, “Test”, “Awake”, “Sorrow”, “Freedom”, “Support”, “Safe”, “Growth”, “Alive”.

These titles are by no means final; they are just what I am using to be able to categorize and order my thoughts, and will be my way of referring to separate tracks as I share this journey with you in the way forward. I am incredibly excited about this project, and hope you will join me in following it via Pretty Damn Epic. I am happy with how successful the blog has been in the last three years, but would really like to strengthen my ties with you as my reader, and would like you to be a part of something that I value in a great way. Looking forward to having you join me on this! – Conrad

10 Responses to “Introducing my new songwriting project: “Twelve””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    OMG this is going to be great, what a smart idea. good luck!!

  2. This is a good idea, and I already like the tentative titles. It’s nice to get to know you a little better, but don’t forget the hits ;)

  3. If you call songwriting your own then why share with the world??

  4. Love this and thank you so much for sharing so honestly from your heart. It takes courage to put it out there to a world that is not always honest or accepting of what’s real. I can’t wait!

    • Conrad Schwellnus Says:

      Thank you – and thank you everyone for the positive feedback! Will be updating very soon.

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  7. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.

    Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking
    back frequently!

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