We’ll run where lights won’t chase us, hide where love can save us – I will never let you go

Zedd is a 23 year old producer from Germany who has recently generated quite a bit of buzz for himself thanks to his production credit on “I Don’t Like You” (Eva Simons) and for his work with Dr. Luke and Max Martin on the Justin Bieber-Nicki Minaj collaboration “Beauty and a Beat” (taken off’ Believe, Bieber’s latest release). I’m assuming Interscope is going to be using him more on some of their top commercial artists in the way forward given this and there is talk that he is even involved in the to-be-announced upcoming Lady Gaga project. Considering her extensive work with RedOne in the past, I’d like to see her working with some other producers too for the new album and I think working with Zedd could be quite a good match, given what we’ve heard from him so far not only in his original work, but on the remixes of some of her tracks from Born This Way too.

What we have here is his most recent production and new single – a track I heard today for the first time which is called “Spectrum”. The track, which features Matthew Koma, is a surefire club hit and features dubstep and electro elements fused nicely into a track that could quite possibly work on commercial radio too. I’ll have to give it a couple more spins to know for sure, but something about the production value had me instantly hooked. Be sure to keep an ear and an eye out for Zedd in the coming months, as I expect to be hearing a lot more from him in the way forward.

Is Zedd a producer you will be watching in the coming months?

15 Responses to “We’ll run where lights won’t chase us, hide where love can save us – I will never let you go”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    LOVING THIS!!!! Where has this guy been lol

  2. this guy is more generic than will i am

  3. I heard this last night on my local radio station when I drove into a gas station….had to stop to listen to….my son loved the beat….Awesome fusion….this guy needs more exposure.

  4. TY SO MUCH !! i searched for this song for a long time. its been on my head all day long TY again!! :)

  5. i love this song, it means something to me…

  6. sodadrinker Says:

    Been looking fir this for like three days thanks soo much

  7. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  8. Me and my baby’s song <33

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  10. Goldie McWoozy Says:

    I had the lucky opportunity to see Zedd perform at a concert in San Diego exactly one year ago as of Saturday. I was immediately impressed with his track selection as I danced my ass off to practically his entire set. You gotta love the Germans and their excellent taste in quality dance music. ;3

    This song was such a hit last year that it was included as a choice for “Best Song” in at least one category during the annual International Dance Music Awards this year. All in all this song is a personal favourite of mine and is a refreshing take on electro house and dubstep.

  11. katdonohue Says:

    super like this song!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    zed has been huge in the “not so mainstream” edm scene for a long time, get your shit together people

  13. Assistance Says:

    Hey! I’ve just noticed this article about Zedd that you’ve written, and how you mentioned something around the aspect of his song Spectrum being commercially marketable. That got me thinking. I know an immense amount of songs that will be the future. It’s never failed thus far through my history of listening to music, and I’ve just never gotten the oppurtunity to get into the music business to promote my ideas. People are getting into electronic music all over the world more and more every day. It’s only wise to be on top when it transitions into a new generation.

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