But you stood by my side, night after night, light up the night – you loved me back to life

In 2006 Australian singer Sia caught my attention in a big way when she released the best ballad to have ever been recorded in my opinion, titled “Breathe Me”. It was not long after this that she announced that she was done with music and I was disappointed that she hadn’t received the international attention she deserved. Skip to almost seven years later and she didn’t quite give up on her musical passion as anticipated, though she did start focusing a bit more on the writing side of things. I’ve really enjoyed hearing her vocals on radio hits “Titanium” (David Guetta) and “Wild Ones” (Flo Rida) but I give her top credits for writing and giving back-up vocals to one of the biggest songs of the last year - Rihanna‘s “Diamonds”. 

While it has been a while since she’s put out a single by herself, I am excited to hear that she might be working on some material for a new solo era. A track of hers that I want to share with you today is a demo that (rumour has it) was passed up on by a couple of big pop names in the industry, though I’m not quite sure why. “Loved Me Back To Life” is a song I stumbled across this past week and I have been hooked on the melody in the chorus since first listen. As with “Diamonds”, the song finds a perfect combination between emotional vocal and a solid beat. This has worked time and time again on an international level and in my own songwriting I have changed my approach as a result of following her writing style closely for the last year.

I draw quite a few comparisons to this song and “Acid Rain” (Alexis Jordan) and I do hope that it will end up somewhere with an artist that will be able to do something special with it. My first thought was that it should go straight to Def Jam (Rihanna) but I also don’t know if it’s quite the right fit for her. Maybe I’m just too infatuated with Sia’s vocal on this one that I would like for her to put it out by herself. I guess only time will tell!

Keep an eye out for Sia in the coming months as word is she’s been in studio with No Doubt and Katy Perry so I imagine there will be a lot of her going round on international radio as we head into the latter stages of 2013.

What do you think about “Loved Me Back To Life”?

Let me know in the comments section or tweet me @conradwashere.

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