Come with me, I’ll show you everything you wanted

Clubfeet is a five piece synthpop band with roots in Melbourne, Australia. Active in the music industry since 2010, these guys first caught my attention a couple of months ago with the release of a track called “Heartbreak”, which did pretty well here in South Africa. Back in January they released a new studio album called Heirs and Graces which I have yet to take a listen to but after hearing their new single – which I want to share with you today – I’ve decided to make an active effort to hunt it down.

“Everything You Wanted” is everything you’d expect from a decent synthpop radio effort and I fell in love with this one on first listen. The lyrics are fairly basic but sometimes it’s a good thing that a song gets straight to the point. Currently it is sitting on high rotation on the station that I work for with good reason considering the catchy chorus and I’m hoping to see it move to top 40 rotation very soon as well. Be sure to support these guys if you like what you hear and if this is the first you’re hearing of their music make sure you also go check out “Heartbreak” and buy your copy of their full-length release in support as well.

Drop me a tweet and let me know what you think about “Everything You Wanted”.

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