Excuse me for a while, while I’m wide eyed and so damn caught in the middle

I’ve been beating myself up all day because I’ve been ignoring online posts about London Grammar for such a long time! These guys are definitely something to watch as we head into the latter stages of 2013 and I am currently obsessed with their newest single – which I am sharing with you today – a song called “Strong”. A trio originating from London (who signed to Warner not too long ago), these guys will be releasing their debut album If You Wait in a little over a month from now on September 9th. The project has also been preceded by singles “Metal & Dust” and “Wasting My Young Years” and those are both also songs for you to take a listen to if you like “Strong”.

I’m really excited to get my hands on the full 11 track album and I’m taking bets that these guys will have made quite a name for themselves come 2014. Have a listen to “Strong” and let me know what you think about their sound by sending me a tweet to @conradwashere and make sure you support the track (and their other releases) by requesting London Grammar on your local radio station, regardless of where you live. I’m hoping to introduce the South African market (or at least local market here in the Western Cape) to these guys sometime soon! Keep an ear out for them in the coming months.

One Response to “Excuse me for a while, while I’m wide eyed and so damn caught in the middle”

  1. […] really testing the waters when it comes to an edgier, darker pop sound for radio (see my posts on London Grammar and Lorde too). While “Wasting Time” didn’t catch my attention on first […]

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