Don’t get too close, it’s dark inside – it’s where my demons hide

Imagine Dragons has had one hell of a year! “Radioactive” has spent every week of the last year on the Billboard Hot 100 and it is set to be one of the longest charting singles in history. A deserving song from one of my top alternative albums of the last 52 weeks, “Radioactive” really paved the way for them to build a consistent fan base and this has helped the sales of Night Visions tremendously. The album is certainly one for your collection if you haven’t taken a listen to it yet and this morning I am happy to be able to present the new single to you. Impacting Top 40/M radio next week Tuesday, “Demons” has been picked as the follow-up and in my opinion this is another stellar choice from the guys from Vegas. “Demons” first featured on their Continued Silence EP from last year so fans will be familiar with it – I am just happy it made the final cut when Interscope put the last touches on their major debut!

The single has reached platinum sales in the United States and has charted on the Hot 100 already, so with the added airplay I expect it to do fairly well for them in that region. New Zealand and Canada have also taken well to this one and I am ready to hear it on South African radio in the coming months as well. Take a listen to the track above and let me know how you feel about it by dropping me a tweet. Be sure to support Imagine Dragons by buying your copy of Night Visions and keep requesting their music on your local radio station if you like what you hear. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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